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BF2142 Patch and Server Files

Posted by thecigarman on October 17, 2006

BF2142 Updates

Well, its been a busy week. Tomorrow is the official release of the new EA Battlefield 2142 game. Some already have to DVD version but the mass sales for the USA is scheduled for tomorrow with the sales in the UK being released sometime in the early morning of the 20th.

On top of these releases, there is also a patch for the DVD version. You can download the patch using the EAD or from the EA Games FTP server. They are also slowly showing up on the major gaming sites. With this patch, they have the stand-alone non-ranked server files also available. The download from EA has both the Windows and Linux server files zipped up together. This created one large 180MB file to download. The individual server files are Windows 85MB and Linux 88MB. I did find the individual files over at 3D Gamers and I also uploaded the files to my FileCloud premium account for download to everyone.

The patch will not be needed for those that purchased BF2142 straight from EA using the EAD as that download is already suppose to be patched and ready to install.

So far the reviews for the final release have been very good. Those that played the demo where amazed with how much the final changes the overall game play on the ranked servers. With the demo, the soldiers were limited to only the basic weapons with no awards or rank ups. In the retail version, all of the weapon unlocks are available along with rank ups and awards. This expands the game from a very strict level of play with 4 limited soldier classes to a 4 soldier classes with a large array of unlocks and upgrades the action is greatly enhanced.

I logged into my EAD and the “Countdown to Release” is at 22:12:00 and counting down. So what to do until then, off to play some more of the BF2142 demo.


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